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Baking Vector Illustration (AI)

Baking Vector Illustration

People who bake will find any excuse to heat up their ovens! They bake a cake to crown someone’s birthday, labor over cookies to celebrate a holiday, and whip up brownies because who doesn’t love chocolate? However, it turns out that baking is about more than creating something sweet to eat. Baking, especially when it’s done for others, can be accompanied with a host of psychological benefits. Not only is it a productive form of self expression, baking has also been hailed as a form of mindfulness and altruism. Additionally, baking is also an excellent way of bonding with loved ones.

Our baking illustration is an endearing depiction of a man and a woman baking together with their cat in the background, much like any other tiny, loving family. Their feelings and thoughts while undertaking this activity have been beautifully illustrated with a well-equipped kitchen in the background, full of tools and utensils generally found in a homely boulangerie. The color palette effectively puts the rest in the background and brings the pair to the front using bright colors against a grayscale backdrop. Available to download for free in AI format, the vector illustration is fully editable, and can serve as a warm addition to your posters, blog articles as well as other digital designs to emphasize the curious nature of this culinary art and its multiple benefits.

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