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August Handwritten Font

August Font

A good time cannot be planned, but with the right setting and bold company, it simply happens. And the month of August is the perfect candidate for some unforeseen adventures. This month, which mostly occurs during summer, is a time for romance and mischief, time for a summer fling that never seems to last, and a change of heart that does.

So for a new august tool, we share August. Presented with a free personal license by Fontana Studio, August is a handwritten font created with natural strokes that show imperfections all around. This font with its uncomplicated characters breaks free, bringing a light presence with a modern style, one that can be used for YA books of summer romance, bookmarks that excite collectors and new readers with quotes, posters for beach events, take-away cups for exquisite drinks, etc. And with darker colors that are just as vivid, August can make your design feel more alive so you can experience the august rush!

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