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Artificial intelligence Illustration (AI)

Artificial intelligence Illustration

Artificial intelligence is being used as a tool to make things easier for people by having their everyday conveniences automated and triggered through voice or connected devices. Such systems are now commonplace in our homes and offices and for some people have already gone from novelty to necessity. There are many forms of AI systems operating constantly behind the scenes. Some of which we are aware of that benefit us, and some we are not aware of that are designed to retrieve and retain information for business and industry purposes.

Two men are shown in this scene amongst the hardware products of the computer illustrating the connection of information that is driven to the brain and attached to the computer software. We see a man having the puzzle pieces of knowledge put together with the information that he has accumulated and being fed to the brain on the electronic mechanism to transform into computerized knowledge known as artificial intelligence. This illustration is available for download and may be used in articles or in magazines to illustrate different features and uses of artificial intelligence.

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