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Where To Find Logo Design Inspiration

Logo Design Inspiration

What’ll you do if you’d love to make a logo that is 8 out of 10, but you are having a 3 out of 10 day in creativity? Sucks, but these things happen to the best of us, and we all know how it feels. However, because it’s probably a gig that belongs to a client you don’t want to disappoint, or even one for your new brand, you can’t afford an off day.

Since you are not sure where to start from, what colors will be best for the brand? What kind of logo would appeal to the target audience? How to make it relatable but unique? You know you definitely need a boost.

The trick is to actively seek out logo design inspirations, combine it with the ideas in your head and coming up with the perfect blend for your project. How then, do you know where to look for these logo design inspirations? Whether you’re drowning in creative block or just curious about what other logo designers are up to, look no further.

Here are a few places to find the best logo design inspirations to get your creative juice gushing out:

1. Behance

Behance Logo

Here is a quite popular one. Usually, the first go-to for logo design inspiration is this curated gallery filled website. With its ease of usage, you can easily filter your way through or go through the best-rated logo designs to inspire your work.

2. Dribbble

Dribbble Logo

Dribbble, although not logo-centered, is still one of the most revered online communities for creative. From web and graphic designers to visual artists and photographers. A favorite for many because of their user-made artwork, with a quick search, Dribbble exposes you to near unlimited logo design options from thousands of professionals all over the world.


Logopond Logo

Logopond is a site full of inspiration as it features amazing collection of awesome logos even on their homepage. These come from contributions from fine designers worldwide. With a very simple and clean UI, browsing through the sight should be easy and fun.


Deviant Art Logo

DeviantArt boasts of millions of logos from designers all over the world. Need logo design inspiration, then you will surely find on this site.


Logolounge Logo

LogoLounge, as implied, is a logo-centered forum for research and discussion. Get yourself up to date on the latest logo design trends by perusing through thousands of logo examples, suggestions, and of course, inspiration.


Pinterest Logo

There’s only so much we can do these days without social media, millions of inspiring logo designs wind up on the internet every day, with this platform there’s access to a world of resources from which to draw ideas from.


Still on social media and its inspirational advantage, if you have ever used Instagram (which, let’s be honest, unless you have been living under a rock, you must have), you would be aware that there are literally millions of photos to look at, out of those lie the inspiration you seek. A simple hashtag search of #logo can show you over 15 million logo design ideas to choose from, or you can follow select accounts like @logoimport, and @logopassion to get more insight into the logo design community.

There you have it, next time you are feeling blocked, here are a few of the top places to get logo design inspirations to nudge you in the right direction. Have other examples in mind? We’ll love to hear from you?