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5 Awesome Free iPad Apps for Designers

Inspiration is a fickle thing when it comes, and it can be anywhere and anytime. You have to treat it like a jealous spouse, secure it, reinforce it, and use it to make the most creative productions happen. To successfully do this, you have to have the right tools to make the creative process a breeze selectively. Sometimes, there are instances that you need to run projects on the go, sometimes you on the family trip, and you need to make a couple of adjustments on your latest project.

The difference between a brilliant and seamless creative process can be the right gadget, which is why having the right tools on your iPad is essential to make the best of your creative energy on the go. This post was written primarily for iPad users to help find the best apps that offer exotic design tools for graphic projects.

So, the next time you are on the beach, you can still find time to create color palettes and create stellar design presentations.

1. Vectornator X

Vectornator X App

The Vectornator X app, as the name implies, is a particularly intuitive app for vector graphics. It was created especially for designers who are conversant with Adobe Illustrator and want a little more flexibility to work from an iPhone or iPad.  Performing more or less the same functions, with this app on your iPad, you can intuitively create digital work when you’re not with your pc and export directly when you are done or have an unfinished project imported for support from your creative cloud into your vectornator app. Download for iOS or Download for macOS

2. Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture App

A lot of designers like to take pictures to fuel inspiration. If you are one of those designers, here is a great iPad app for you. You don’t know this yet, but Adobe capture is about to become one of your most-used apps. Why?

Well, with just a touch on your screen, you can easily create custom brushes, textures, color schemes, and even make scalable vectors from pictures you have taken. With the ease of using the creative cloud, you can easily open saved projects from your personal computer when you are ready or complete them right there on your iPad. Adobe capture is an essential tool for the designer that wants to be prepared for inspiration whenever and wherever it strikes. App Store or Google Play

3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch App

Think of this app as a bigger and better version of your sketchbook. It has a simple and almost intuitive interface, which is why we recommend it.

So the next time the inspiration fairy visits while you’re away from your computer, you can easily put it down for reference in a somewhat digital paper with its wide array of brushes, shapes, and pens. You can even add pictures from your library and use grid lines for better precision and import into your computer for fine-tuning and polishing. App Store or Google Play.

4. Pocket Palette

Pocket Palette App

This app is especially useful for color-loving designers. A design haven for color enthusiasts, this app offers the opportunity to create a constant amount of customized color palette on the go with the use of an iPad.  Talk about accessibility, and this app ranks quite high. With the ability to create an infinite number of color palettes, you not only have access to enormous wealth in color hues, but you can also pick from photos and fine-tune color tones according to your preference. This makes pocket palette an amazing iPad app for designers. Get it on App Store.

5. Canva

Canva App

Recently Canva, one of the busiest design platforms, got its iPad parallel. It’s been one of the greatest things to happen to the design community. Think of everything you could do with Canva, but with your fingertips. It’s not particularly revolutionary, yet there’s no better way to describe it. You get access to thousands of professional layouts, a fully stocked library, editable texts, and customizable photos. Also, with generally pleasing user experience, for designers who want the same premium design experience when on the road, it’s certainly a great app to have on your iPad. App Store or Google Play.


With the world and graphic design constantly evolving, design software should not just sit on a bulky desktop or laptop. If you own an iPad, try using any of these free apps when you are out. Since inspiration can strike at any time or place, let your creativity run wild with these free iPad apps for designers. True creativity really flourishes when you’re not worried about documentation – or in this case –the lack of it.