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10 Best Fonts for Posters

10 Best Fonts for Posters

Yes, we know how tricky it can be to select the best font for your poster design, especially when there are lots of typefaces to choose from. The typeface you choose for your poster has to be legible, eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and, most importantly, cohesive with the design.

To bail you out of the stress, we have made a list of the best fonts for your poster design. These fonts are creative and will make your design pop.

1. Facon Free Font

Facon Font

Facon is a unique font with a set of very stylish characters. If you need to design posters for a creative project, then the ideal font is Facon as it stands out in the crowd. It’s not only amazing but free as well.

2. The Artisan Collection Font Bundle

The Artisan Font Bundle

This is a massive collection with different vintage fonts, logo templates, and vintage shapes. Hustle Supply Co. made the collection with careful consideration for versatility and usability. It contains different font families that work seamlessly together. You get 11 fonts (script, condensed, sans serif, and even serif), 16 premium logo template, and 20 vintage shapes. When designing your poster, there’s definitely no way you are going to be stranded creatively with this massive collection.

3. Sucrose Letterpress Font Family

Sucrose Letterpress Font Family

Here is a premium high-resolution letterpress font made available by Yellow Design Studio. It has authentic handcrafted textures, and its rectangular letterforms will make your poster unique. The typeface contains eight distress levels for every letter, and they can all be mixed to create realistic typesettings. The Sucrose Letterpress font family includes 20 fonts with clean and slanted versions, plus bold and light weights.

4. League Gothic

League Gothic Font

Although the League Gothic font is tall and slim, it has just enough weight to make it outstanding. It’s authoritative, commanding, and has a professional personality, making it just right for your serious-themed poster design. It is highly readable, and when combined with a handwritten font, creates an amazing look.

5. Coldiac

Coldiac Font

Coldiac is a modern, luxurious, and elegant serif font that features thin strokes and square-like shapes of characters to create a balanced but fancy mood. It is particularly great for short text on your poster designs. The free version is for personal use only.

6. Colus

Colus Font

If you are looking to introduce sophistication in your poster design, then look no further than Colus. Colus is a display font that has a noble and classical appearance. It is inspired by stone and wooden carved letter inscriptions, and free to use.

7. Coco

Coco Font

Coco is another free and elegant poster font specially made for luxury. It is a sans serif family font that comes in 8 weights with over 200 glyphs. Hendrick Rolandez created it with fashion in mind. It features elongated letters with just the right amount of transparency at the edges to create a font that will surely make your poster designs pop.

8. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue Font

Here is another beautiful and extremely clean, sans serif font. If you need to draw attention to your poster design, then go for Bebas Neue. It is free and features five weights from thin to bold. It is a tall font with a very simple design but will still attract.

9. Panton Rust font family

Pantone Rust Font

Panton rust is a vintage handmade font family that contains handwritten script and sans serif fonts. Inspired by a classic touch, vintage touch, and girly design culture, this font will be perfect for your poster designs. It features inline, shadow, and texture versions of the font, and they can be combined to get a multicolor effect. With over 72 styles available (42 panton rust fonts and 30 panton script rust fonts) featuring six weights from semi-bold to heavy, you’ll love panton rust for your poster designs.

10. Apex MK3 – Robust Display Typeface

Apex MK2 Sans Serif Font

Apex is a robust display font inspired by classic sans serif, workhorse athletic block type, and geometric forms. It is flexible and has a decisive tone, making it great for your poster designs. It is available in seven weights from thin to black. The free version, however, has only two weights.

Make sure to think about your brand identity and the message you look to pass across, as well as your target audience, when picking a font for your poster design. The font you choose must combine these important aspects. Check out our headline fonts and outline fonts collections, as well.