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10 Useful Vintage Fonts for your Designs

Vintage Fonts

Also known as Retro design or Antique design, vintage designs involve designing of new man-made objects in such a way that they bear a semblance with objects that existed years ago. Vintage designing is achieved more often by not with the use of vintage fonts, and we all know the usefulness of font to the world of typography as well as designing.

In today’s post, we shall be considering 10 useful vintage fonts out there. Enjoy!

De Vinne

De Vinne Font

This retro font has a beautifying effect on texts. Although it stems from the nineteenth century, its relevance in modern times cannot be over-emphasized. Although some believe that this font is hard to read, it remains a popular choice among those in the legal profession as well as printers of legal documents. The founder Theodore Low De Vinne though, has had the font revised over time. Now Century is the font that is the 21st-century version of it.


Ronaldson Font

Ronaldson font is an old American font whose effect reflects the classics of the old time. This becomes an advantage in design and typography as it gives the effect expected of vintage design as it paints the new objects or products, web layout, and so on with the colors of history. The beauty of this design is so unique that although never digitized, it remained the best selling and even one of the best fonts of the nineteenth century.


Mesquite Font

Produced at the tail end of the 20th century, Mesquite font shares some similarity with the nineteenth-century Tuscan-style of the font in being quite elaborate and having distinctively unique serifs. It’s no surprise to see that these fonts still have their uses in the modern-day design sphere as it brings us to the point of déjà vu with the world of ancient times.

Goudy Sans FS

Goudy Sans FS Font

Goudy Sans Fs font is yet another font from the past that belongs to the league of fonts known for their decorative prowess. The Frederick Goudy created font is also a lactinic font and has a friendly appeal on the eyes of its beholder. It is an italic font of a cursive nature that can give your product that classic touch that would draw attention to your products.


Clementhorpe Font

Just like Mesquite, Clementhorpe font stems from the twentieth century. Due to the unavailability of the kind of graphical tools we have now, it then existed as just a form of hand-crafted lettering. Its boldness of letters and condensed form makes it useful for both graphical displays as well as text-related uses. The Great Albion Founders are to thank for this masterpiece of typography.


Soria Font

Widely used for logo designs and other graphical designs as well as even textual works, Soria font is a modern-day vintage design font with an earmark of captivation. Dani Bydani deserves credits for this great font as its usefulness in branding, editorials, and advertisement. It gives a contemporary outlook to your product when used, giving it the vintage touch necessary for your product’s quality.

Le Havre Layers

Le Harve Layers Font

With Le Havre Layers font, vintage designing has a great prospect in the design world. It has the opacity and color necessary in textual layering to call attention to words. No wonder it is often used in writing imperative statements or didactic caveats. Le Havre Layers is yet another graphical masterpiece.

Toronto Subway

Toronto Subway Font

This is a font or typeface of the order of the san-serifs that originates from the twentieth century. It is unique for being one of the few fonts with perfect circles for letters C, Q, G, and O, hence the reason it is said to be a geometric font. Even its strokes are nearly perfect straight lines, and the corners of its letters are pointed not curved. All these culminate to it being a beauty to typography.


Agenda Font

Though designed in 1916, Agenda font is a retro font made for vintage design that still found its way about its contemporary times. It has an italic bent and a good aura when looked upon. It’s definitely one of the best things that happened to vintage design.


Grumpy Font

This vintage typeface is popularly used as a website font. The twenty-first-century font is a bold font with the ability to create visual impressions on its readers. Grumpy is also one of the best typefaces worthy of vintage design. So you have it. These are ten awesome vintage fonts to check out as they provide the necessary textual and graphical display appeal necessary for your products, websites, books, and all. Explore!