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Aquatico Sans Serif Typeface

Aquatico Typeface

The greatest adventures happen by the sea, the courageous marines and the threatening pirates, and now, it’s time you join the band with Aquatico, the free sans serif font designed and shared by Andrew Herndon.

Inspired by the exotic sea creatures, Aquatico brings in its bag of wonders a set of uppercase letters with rounded edges suitable for trendy designs as well as professional projects, in addition to numbers, punctuations, and symbols. It comes in 4 styles: regular for logos and texts, oblique for more style designs, light for an elegant touch, as well as light oblique. So feel free to combine multiple weights with the alternative characters in one project, showcase your results with flashy colors and artistic backgrounds including illustrations and sketches, and add them to posters, flyers, business cards, magazines, UX and UI designs, social media posts, etc.

Aquatico Typeface Alphabets

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