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Apex MK3 Display Typeface

Apex MK3 Typeface

An all caps font may sound like its limiting, but it just gives a special and original look to the projects it’s included in. Headlines, headers, titles, they all need to be the center of attention, and we’re here to help you make that happen with this sans serif font shared by Jeremy Nelson.

The new resource goes by the name of APEX MARK 3, a free robust display typeface that provides you with a set of all caps letters in 7 different weights; and these range from thin and light to bold and black, allowing you to use the effect you find most suitable. It takes inspiration from geometric forms, hence why the style of the letters is a mix between sharp and bold edges and ovoid corners. It also includes numbers, symbols and other characters that you can combine with the distinct letters to create logos, posters, website designs, and even texts. This free version only includes the extra light and medium weights.

Apex MK3 Typeface Weights

Apex MK3 Typeface Uppercase

Apex MK3 Typeface 2

Apex MK3 Typeface Weights

Apex MK3 Typeface 3

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