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Amoba Slab Serif Font

Amoba Slab Serif Font

You appreciate serif fonts like you appreciate good wine and there are heaps of books on this subject. Slab serifs greatly differ from other serif shapes, and thus possess their own loyal fanbase in the graphic design community. If you are one of them, you’re in luck: Amoba by Linecreative in association with Fontsrepo will have you drooling with its vivacious boldness.

Amoba is an ultra-thick slab serif font type that supports languages such as Latin other than English. The font comes packed with uppercase and lowercase as well as ligatures, making it possible to design without any limits. The typeface tones down the seriousness of a typical slab serif font with some quirk; so while the font does have a Wild West vibe, it doesn’t possess too much of the patriarchal severity that makes slab-serif fonts practically unusable in most artworks. Use it freely to design posters, website headlines, magazine covers, logos, album covers and basically anything that you feel could benefit from Amoba’s feisty personality.

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