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America Script Font

America Script Font

If you are on the lookout for the perfect script font that checks all the boxes that you’ve carefully laid out for your design, and wouldn’t want to settle down for anything less, we feel you. The popularity of digital media has meant that standing out from the crowd takes more effort than ever before. And that is precisely why you should never look at fonts as a small cog in the wheel of the entire UI design, but as an essential part that has the ability to take your designs to the next level.

Lucky for you, we have a stylish and elegant font for you today that is also absolutely free! We present to you America, a bold, textured script font with large dramatic capitals and a natural flowing stroke. Designed and brought to you by Alex Joganic, the script has been heavily inspired by the raw messaging of the grammy-winning Childish Gambino track, of which it is a namesake. The inspired creation process resulted in the fancy yet rough final product that we have in front of our eyes!

Featuring a character set containing both uppercase and lowercase characters, along with several alternate characters for creating a custom hand-lettered feel in your work, America is a typeface that you should pick if you want your digital artworks and designs to stand out from the crowd that the Internet is in present day.

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