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Amatic SC Display Font

Amatic SC Display Font

A good designer never underestimates the importance of font choice in his designs. With a whopping percentage of businesses operating on the internet, fonts now exercise ubiquitous influence on digital designs as they did on print designs back in the day. Other than adding value to your digital designs in terms of readability, the choice of font has a huge impact on the delivery of your brand message to the audience. If you are looking for a web font that is sublime and yet quirky in its tone, have a look at Amatic SC, featured on Google Fonts.

Simple yet distinctive, this hand-drawn display font is perfect for usage in titles or small runs of text due to its limited legibility in smaller font sizes. It features both Latin and Hebrew alphabets, and can be beautifully paired with another font to create digital content that truly tells a story and captures attention. So, if imparting a layered personality to your website without being too outrageous is what you are looking for, give Amatic SC a try!

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