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Amagro Typeface

Amagro Typeface

Every fairytale (the good ones anyway) starts with an open book that holds the adventure of what is yet to come and a “once upon a time” to add to its mystery. So to bring your fairytale to life without the help of knights and sorcerers, we decided to share Amagro, a serif typeface designed by Fabio Servolo.

Enable your fantasy and history books to deliver a charismatic title set on vintage hardcovers thanks to the angled designs of the uppercase characters. Since it supports multiple languages, Amagro offers a larger set of letters that can also be used to simply add an unfamiliar presentation to your branding and packaging designs for board games, pocket watches, playing cards, and tarot collections. Amagro which can be used for personal and commercial projects, also includes a selection of numbers, fractions, arrows, and punctuation marks.

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