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Aloja Handwritten Font

Aloja Handwritten Font

It has been rightly said that the beauty of type lies in its utility; prettiness without readability serves neither the author nor the reader. Strike the correct balance of utility and beauty in your design projects with Aloja, a playful handwriting font designed by Ieva Mezule and Krisjanis Mezulis in association with WildOnes Design.

Aloja takes great pride in its superior readability and the fresh, easygoing feel it brings to the table. This only caps typeface comes with numbers and punctuations, making it a great choice for big titles, events, posters, invitations and website titles. Each letter has been hand drawn with a thin brush on acrylic paper, imparting the typeface with visual uniqueness. The letters give a perception of bounciness, making it stand out in an ocean of content with a certain playfulness and confidence. Whether you choose to use Aloja for cards, stationery design, branding or headlines, it will bring a sense of joy and creativity to your designs, and who can ever go wrong with a bit of positivity?

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