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Almairah Script Font

Almairah Script Font

By definition, a gentleman is a chivalrous and courteous man. However, with inspiration, bright vision, and a dashing sense of style, we give this word a new meaning thanks to Almairah, a family of modern signature fonts that introduces 3 new typefaces.

The first style is smooth, it drifts with every character to resemble the handwriting of a professional calligraphic writer. The second one displays more curves and stylistic features, hypnotizing all viewers with its delicacy, and the third takes a more confident stance with bolder letters. However, you’ll find that all the styling options designed by Khoir can be easily read while presenting an elegant project, especially if they’re set against photo-realistic images, blurry backgrounds, or even solid dark shades such as black and grey.  Almairah supports multiple languages and can be used for logos, branding designs, posters with quotes and excerpts, ads, invitation cards, etc.

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Almairah Script Font 2

Almairah Script Font 3

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