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Against Corona Virus Illustration (AI)

Against Corona Virus Illustration

That nasty coronavirus is ever-present and ready to attack any unsuspecting target. What’s even worse, is that these little nasties don’t even fight a fair fight. They arrive in packs and create havoc at every opportunity. Unfortunately, not everybody can be strong enough to put up a fight with this invisible enemy, but still, we do have hope. By keeping our immune system strong and getting vaccinated, we have a good chance of putting up a defense in not only combating this menacing germ.

A vicious-looking pack of coronavirus germs attack a clean, healthy man who is ready to protect himself from the dangers associated with being contaminated by them. The man holds up his shield with one hand and a sword with the other as he goes to battle against them with his weapons. This illustration has been created in Adobe Illustrator and can be used in many ways when we are talking about the coronavirus and its ability to be ever-present. This gives us more reason to be diligent in getting vaccinated and in keeping healthy so that we can protect ourselves as much as possible.

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