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Africa Wildlife Icons (AI)

Africa Safari Icons

If you have a taste for adventure, an African wildlife experience could be just what you need to set your spirits free. Where else are you going to see lions in the wild, deers lightly gallivanting over endless planes, and elephants calmly passing you by. Although Africa has a strong tourist interest, it has still managed to maintain so much of its wondrous environment in untapped glory. Because of that, we have somewhere where we can still see the brilliance of nature at its best.

Icon set showing different elements of natural wildlife that can be found in Africa. Large animals and small creatures are represented with lions and antelope, as well as beetles and butterflies. Additionally, we are reminded of people enjoying the wildlife scene with visitors dressed in their Safari suits and native people dressed in native costume.  These illustrations have been created in Adobe Illustrator in crisp clear line work and can be enlarged without loss of quality. Download and use freely.

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