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Adrenaline Script Font

Adrenaline Script Font

Scripts are the fanciest and, dare we say, elites of the world of fonts. They evoke the incredible handwriting of masters of the 17th and 18th century. They are immediately recognizable for their over the top curls and flourishes that extend from the serif, known as swashes. These are to be handled with care, for using them for extended amounts of copy can lead to your design resembling the Declaration of Independence. That said – they will never go out of style for wedding invitations, romance book covers, and any design that wants to feel more historical/modern. You just have to pick the right script for the job!

If you’re looking for a bit of an all-rounder script typeface, we strongly suggest you have a look at Adrenaline, a playful and modern script designed by Larin Type Co. It comes with an elaborate character set that consists of both uppercase and lowercase alphabets, which makes it perfect to serve as a display font. You can use this versatile font in logos, prints, quotes, magazine covers, apparels, and pretty much anything and everything. Like we said, it’s versatile beyond measure!

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