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A4 Dog Sitter Information Sheet Template (AI)

Dog Sitter Information Sheet Template

For millions of people, having a pet brings a circle of love into their lives – they give affection, we give it back and suddenly everything is a little better. But being a pet owner is also a 24/7 commitment, and just like kids, you have to make sure they are being taken care of even when you’re away. This is where pet-sitters come into picture. These professionals can very well take care of your pet, but it’s your duty to provide every small detail about your pet’s health and habits to this person for them to truly be able to do their job and ensure your little friend’s well-being. And we all know this can be tricky.

If you’re a dog owner, we have a solution for you that allows you to provide a complete guide to your pet’s care to the dog-sitter, in the form of this dog-sitter instruction/information sheet template by Design Bolts. The template offers all the relevant information about your dog such as their name, breed, age and gender, along with what activities they enjoy. There is a dedicated section for the owner to clearly state details related to the feeding of their dog, and another for the contact details of their regular as well as emergency vet in case there was an emergency. Most importantly, the sheet offers space for the owner’s contact details and address, as well as fields to mention the date and time when the dog has to be returned to the owner, so that your furry friend returns to you safe and sound when you’re back from your outing.

The template is available in A4 size for you to print and fill-out. You can even choose to fill it digitally and pass it on as a print-out or in a digital format. The file is in AI format and can thus be easily customized for your pet – even if they are not a dog!

Dog Sitter Information Sheet Template 2

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