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85 Free Marketing Vector Line Icons (AI)

Vector Line Icons

Even if it’s not their native language, people use the language that makes them feel the most comfortable. Other factors come into play, but that doesn’t change the fact that if it facilitates communication, it’s a great choice. And some languages even hold universal signs that can be understood regardless of the context or the spoken language of the viewer like the language of icons. So introduce your work with an innovative display and use this set of free icons from Alexander Zhukov.

Icons are always part of a collection and this one offers 85 vector icons, some of which are popular so you can use them for calendars, alarms, reminders, maps, and other apps for daily usage, while others can be used for marketing and branding purposes so you can save your time and energy. All of these icons present a simple line style that allows them to be subtle in designs, offering practicality as well as a simple touch that is noticeable but not distracting for a visually engaging project.

Vector Line Icons 2

Vector Line Icons 3


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