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8 Free Square Book Mockup (PSD)

Square Book Mockup

How does the way a book is produced helps it stand out on the shelf? We live in a very visual world, so what a book looks like is important – So while the old adage tells us to not judge a book by its cover, the fact remains that we do. Publishers know this, and take it into account. And if you think designing a book ends with you designing a great front and back cover for your client’s new print outing, you’re mistaken – the layout of every page and typographic choices play a role as important as the cover design, if not more.

For all of you graphic and print designers out there who are about to embark on this tedious creative journey, we have square book mockup by Mockups Design, a set of 8 PSD files that will help you present your book designs in a crisp and aesthetic manner. The different files take care of all the different areas and nuances that a book designer has to tackle along the way and would like to display to his audiences, such as the cover of the book from all the sides, first page, and the interior pages. Different perspectives make the design really stand out and speak for itself. With a few easy steps, you can edit this set of beautiful mockups to be your own and reap high-quality rewards in the form of stunning visuals that will catch the eyes of audiences left and right!

Square Book Mockup 2

Square Book Mockup 3

Square Book Mockup 1

Square Book Mockup 4

Square Book Mockup 5

Square Book Mockup 6

Square Book Mockup 7

File Adobe Photoshop
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