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74 Free Weather Icons (PSD)

Weather Icons

Weather forecasts, just like all processes, develop over time. Communities started by simply indicating whether it’s going to rain or not. Today, reports share the temperature, the humidity, and even offer an hour by hour update. So to make presenting these forecasts easier, we bring you this set of weather icons. Both sunny and rainy days will hold spectacular designs because these tools enable you to provide the tiniest of details and combinations (cleared-up sky, partially cloudy, snow, etc.)

The 74 icons include 6 designs for thermometers that vary from low to high air temperatures, in addition to Fahrenheit and Celsius degree icon designs. Use the collection created and shared for free by D4ng MB for all four seasons and add them to your forecasts, websites, applications, business cards, patterns, flyers, branding and packaging designs, and even apparel projects.

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