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700+ Free UI Icons (CSS, SVG, Figma)

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Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes a year sounds like a lot of time on your hands. And with plenty of time to design and edit comes the need for plenty of material to work with, seven hundred and four to be exact.

Designer Lona Buleshkaj brings you a new freebie that will exceed your expectations with icons in Pure CSS, SVG, Figma & Adobe XD. If it comes to mind, then you can find it with this set which includes a versatile collection featuring arrows, alerts, brands, buttons, code, content, chevron, design, devices, files, and multimedia related icons, among others for your applications and websites. Up or down, received or failed, liked or disliked, widen your horizons and functions with these icons and explore your options. But if you still don’t know which direction to take, then simply keep them for when the time is right.

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