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60 Free XD Gradients

XD Gradients

If your eye didn’t pop out when you first saw these gradients and your mood instantly changed (you got happier, excited, mesmerized), then something’s wrong with you. Today’s freebie is almost as great as Christmas mornings and hot chocolate. It’s a free set of 60 XD ready-made gradients and it feels like rainbow heaven! You can literally use them for any project; whether it’s custom wallpaper, branding design, packaging design, social media posts background, wrapping paper, postcards, print accessories (like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, pillow cases…), web or app design, and whatever you can think of. You can use them as masks, layers, or as they are. Gradients will add beauty and personality to your projects. You can even use them to create your own color palette! They’re perfect for your colorful baby shower invitations, business cards design, and poster design (with your favorite quote). So whenever you need some inspiration, just look around you.

Thanks to Vishal Ganage for sharing these stunning gradients. Make sure to check out her portfolio on Behance for more useful resources like this one. P.S. gradients are something we see in our everyday lives but are never aware of, like: sunrise/sunsets, the ocean color, flower petals, fruits, eyes colors, the sky (Northern lights for example), rainbow, sea creatures, autumn leaves, seashells… and the list goes on.

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