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6 Free Vintage Ephemera and Paper Textures (JPEG)

Vintage Textures

Ephemera describes collectable items that exceeded expectations, items that were supposed to be used for short or limited periods of time but succeeded in leaving a print on multiple levels. And to pay tribute to such awe-inspiring tools, we decided to share this selection of vintage JPEG paper and ephemera textures created by Smily Pixel.

This freebie enables your projects to appear realistically while still holding an unprecedented form of art with the simple white paper and the rougher brown stamped postcard textures. What’s magnificent about these textures is your ability to freely include them in your projects. They can be used to present vintage serif fonts or handwritten calligraphic typefaces, stamps, and branding logos, interesting brochures and posters designs, packaging designs for antique products like pocket watches, high-end pens, and accessories, illustrations and artwork, and even book and notebook covers.

Vintage Texture 1

Vintage Texture 2

Vintage Texture 3

Vintage Texture 4

Vintage Texture 5

Vintage Texture 6

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