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57 Futura Vintage Font

57 Futura Font

When you hear the word vintage, you might associate it at first with old and outdated, or elegant and timeless. However, in the context of typography, vintage is never really a bad thing. If you do not believe us, just look at the logos of Harley Davidson and Dollar Shaving Club! Both of these brands perfectly implement vintage fonts to instill in the audiences the idea of timelessness, critical status, and respect for the brand’s lengthy history.

If you want your brand to achieve the same sort of impact, have a look at 57-Futura, a vintage font by Jason Forrest. Forrest stumbled upon the idea of curating the font while going through an old magazine from 1957, wherein he found a rough typeset with lots of ink-slip which he thought could make a good distressed version of the classic Futura font. Scanned and assembled by choosing the letters that split the difference between distressed and idiosyncratic from the pages of the magazine, 57-Futura was born.

Complete with uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation and diacritical marks, the typeface is an obvious choice for any designs that seek to inherit the magic of yesteryears and an authentic printed look, such as magazines, newsletters, posters, book covers and much more.

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