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5 Free Flow Acrylic Backgrounds (JPG)

Flow Acrylic Backgrounds

Even if you’re not familiar with the exact qualities of acrylic paint, you’re probably aware of how popular it is. Acrylic paint is extremely versatile and when diluted with water or modified with other mediums, it can resemble watercolor, gouache, or oil paint in finished paintings. It has plenty to offer and these designs from NassyArt do not shy away from this quality. Just like the paint, these flow acrylic backgrounds display smooth and light paint with excellent pigment quality that’s preserved with the high-resolution of the background themselves (6000×4000 pixels, 300 dpi).

It’s a selection of 5 backgrounds that mix bright and dark shade textures to complement your theme, so they can be used as elegant backgrounds for your digital devices or added to brand presentations, advertisements, magazines, or even websites explaining the creative techniques of acrylic painting.

Flow Acrylic Backgrounds 1

Flow Acrylic Backgrounds 2

Flow Acrylic Backgrounds 3

Flow Acrylic Backgrounds 4

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