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404 Page Not Found Illustration (AI)

404 Page Not Found Illustration

Oh-oh! It looks like you’ve come to the wrong place! Isn’t this one of those annoying things that give you a bit of a start when you are in the middle of your flow and quietly clicking along from link to link? Suddenly you appear to have come to a dead-end with no warning signals beforehand. It is the kind of thing that makes you have to stop and think. It is also something that the web developer needs to be aware of quickly in knowing that his website visitors have come to a break on the railroad track.

One person sits at the computer and has come to a sudden stop when she has hit the broken link and activated the 404 Page-Not-Found, page. The man on the ladder is performing maintenance to try and fix the problem. The illustration has a link connection piece and a stop sign with road work cones to show there are works in progress. Having broken links on a website is a major concern for website owners. Use this illustration to present this message or even for your own 404 pages.

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