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37 Free Home Routine Icons (Ai)

Home Routine Icons

Nothing is better than going back home on a cold Friday afternoon, knowing you can just lie in bed, drink a warm cup of tea, and watch your favorite TV show. Home is not always a place, furniture and walls don’t form a home, but people, feelings and memories are what make a house feel like “home”. It’s in the tiny little details; the way your brother drinks his coffee from this mug at a specific time of the day, and the way your mother always sits in this chair when she’s on the phone. All those details start being part of your daily “routine” at home, and since there’s an icon for everything in our digital world, there’s an icon for your home routine too. This home routine icon set is perfect for mobile app design and other web design project. They are minimal illustrations that will add a modern touch to any design project. Thanks to Tanya Goncharova for sharing this home routine icon design, make sure to check out her portfolio for more useful resources.

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