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30 Free Instagram Photoshop Filters (ATN)

Instagram Photoshop Filters 1

Instagram was initially released in 2010. And it offered, as it developed throughout the years, new features with each update, but it was originally built as a photo and video sharing network service, and this put a lot of emphasis on the options available for posting and editing these photos. Today, we bring you even more options to choose from so you can have the wide selection every designer should have.

This download presents 30 free Instagram Photoshop filters that can be easily applied to pictures, so even beginners will be able to use them with ease since all they require is Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later versions. Influencers built their careers on the images they share with this platform, so being able to personalize their posts even further with these filters is always a plus. Make it darker, lighter, brighter, or more colorful and let the combination of both your work and these filters from Hyperpix become the fabulous designs you share with others.

Instagram Photoshop Filters 2

Instagram Photoshop Filters 3

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