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3 Single Gatefold Brochure Mockups (PSD)

Single Gatefold Brochure Mockup

Designing a brochure is easy. But designing one that simply blows people away is no easy feat. Effective brochure design is crucial in creating one that engages customers enough and increases the chances of them passing on to other would-be customers. It’s tough, but not quite impossible if you understand that you have to shake things up a bit to achieve a great first impression that really lasts. We are here to help you achieve this with a brochure mockup that allows you to showcase your designs in different customizable views.

Brochure Mockup Scenes by ToaSin Studio provides you with 3 single gatefold brochure mockup scenes that allow a lot more adjustments than any other simple glossy leaflet. Completely moveable, photorealistic and scalable, the mockups allow you to place your illustrations, logo and content by the means of an easy-to-edit PSD format file. Whether you want to play around with the shadows, or fill the brochure mockup with a pattern/texture, or customize the background color – the mockup allows you all the freedom in the world to create the perfect presentation that does justice to your designs. Try these today and create brochures that people would love to have and keep for the long haul!

Single Gatefold Brochure Mockup 2

Single Gatefold Brochure Mockup 3

File Adobe Photoshop
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