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3 Screen Bank App Template (XD)

Bank App Template

While banks typically competed in the past by marketing their size and prestige – along with trying to offer the best financial products – they’re now faced with a new challenge: creating a mobile app design that keeps customers happy. Hence, when it comes to mobile banking app design, usability reigns supreme. When the quality of services they offer doesn’t vary greatly from the competition, having a usable app may very well be a bank’s winning feature.

To help you create a winning mobile app for a banking institution, we have the perfect resource. Have a look at this aesthetic and highly functional banking app concept by Abdullah Ghatasheh. Offered in the form of a XD file containing the various key screen designs such as the login page, home page and card details, the UI kit offers superior navigation and information architecture that would hook users instantly to your app. Using minimal colors to create the required pop effect in call-to-actions and infographics, the screens are just as beautiful to look at as they are usable. Download for free today!

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