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3 Free Concrete Textures (JPG)

Concrete Textures

Concrete is never considered a finished project, it’s part of something, a composite material that’s always used for a greater picture, just like these textures are not final products but tools that can take your designs to a new level.

These 3 textures created by RV Design at 4096 x 4096 pixels resolution at 96 dpi showcase designs of concrete, the most commonly used man-made material on earth, but unlike actual concrete, they’re available for instant usage. The material which is susceptible to cracking is realistically presented with these textures, one of which features a cracked surface while another showcases a darker tone. Presented in JPG format, they can be seamlessly added to projects, and since concrete is not only limited to walls, use them for your dams, bridges, and buildings designs or even cement-based equipment.

Concrete Textures 2

Concrete Textures 3

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