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266 Free Feather Icons (Figma)

Figma Feather Icons

You can never have too many icons. Now that might’ve been the case back when PCs had very limited space. But as technology advances, so do our designing kits where this brand new set of icons is necessary.

This free set includes 266 feather Figma icons that can be used for UI projects, both personal and commercial. Use the collection as is or edit it to fit the needs of your websites and applications. And because with a single download, you get your hands on a large number of tools, you can add them to music platforms with easy navigation options and profile building, basic editing and online shopping apps, weather forecasts with clear illustrated information, as well as to-do lists and planners. A big thank you goes to the creator of this freebie, Calin Balea.

Figma Feather Icons 2

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