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25 Free Vector Plant Icons (Ai)

Plant Icons

Have you even though about how our lives would look like if trees and plants did not exist? How would our morning walks feel without the fresh pine tree air? Or how would we feel if every time we look out the window we saw buildings and monuments instead of trees. Plants not only make our planet greener and our air cleaner, but they also calm our heart rate and help us relax.

Today’s freebie is a set of 25 plant Ai vector icons by Graphic Pear. They’re great for branding projects, app design (botany related or for plant nursery for example), cute print accessories (mugs, t-shirts, wrapping papers…), and all sorts of other projects. The vectors are completely editable; you can change the stroke’s weight and color according to your taste. Since cactus plants are a trend right now, you can use these cute little cactus icons to create a colorful pattern and print them on a t-shirt or pillowcase (to decorate your room).

Plant Icons

Plant Icons

Free Plant Icons


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