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25 Free Vector Nature Icons

25 Nature Icons

Biophilia – the love of nature –  is the concept that humans are innately attracted to nature. And as such are drawn to all things in the natural world. It follows then that incorporating a biophilic-focused design strategy in your graphic and print designs can be quite effective when it comes to making them instantly attractive to users. For this very reason, the natural world has been a source of inspiration for designers for centuries, and you wouldn’t believe what wonders a bit of nature could do to your designs.

We introduce to you this beautiful set of 25 nature icons, which wonderfully brings to life different flora, fauna and habitats found in nature through the art of iconography. Vivid and colorful, these vector icons come in an AI format file, which can be easily downloaded, customized and edited in Adobe Illustrator. You can integrate them into any and every design to make it look beautiful, give it a touch of sustainability, or to even remind people of the bountiful beauty of Mother Earth!

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