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25 Free Money Vector Icons (AI)

25 Money Icons

Our culture sends us two very conflicting messages about money. The first, a message that tells us money is everything. Celebrity culture, the rich and famous, Wall Street greediness, the twinge of jealousy we feel when we see a house bigger than ours, a car newer than our car. Then, there’s the completely opposite message, the one that treats wealth – and the wealthy – with suspicion, that works hard to teach us not to envy them, to see the limitations that wealth has and the potential trouble it can cause.

However, we can all unanimously agree that money is important, and so is saving it. And for this reason, various different websites produce articles everyday telling you how to manage your finances. There are at least a hundred money management apps on the Playstore to keep you on track, if not more.

For all the designers and creators out there working on designs that involve money, our set of 25 money icons could be of great use. These vector icons portray different currencies, paper notes, coins, banks, stock market, wallet, savings and pretty much every word you can think of when we speak of money, making it a set that could be widely used by you in many of your designs. Available to download in an AI format file, let this universal resource make your job easier and much more fun!

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