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25 Free Law and Justice Icons (AI)

Law and Justice Icons

Without guidelines, it will practically be impossible to play even the most fun of games; there’ll be no form to it. Likewise, laws keep us from a state of disorder; from anarchy. Laws are rules that are put in place to keep the order, they help to resolve disputes, keep the citizens of a country safe, and check possible excesses in social functions. When a law is broken, the offender is usually punished depending on the nature and severity of the crime – and we have so much to offer for your legal-related projects.

Here is a set of 25 law and justice vector icons provided by Graphic Pear. These icons are downloadable in AI vector format that you can easily customize and manipulate to fit your web, mobile, or print personal and commercial projects. Some of the icons included in this set are handcuff, CCTV, gun, jail, gavel and so much more. Download and add to your collection.

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