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25 Free Healthy Life Vector Icons (AI)

Healthy Life Vector Icons

A healthy lifestyle, we soon realize, is not easy to come by. In order to maintain it, we need to eat healthy, cut down on toxic foods, exercise, and even practice mindfulness. And because keeping track of everything is just as important, we decided to create and share a vector icon set that allows you to do so.

Having a healthy routine can lead to a healthy life, and this full set of 25 icons can be used for websites and applications for sports, diets, etc. So make the effort so that your users can do the same and create a project with versatile options for exercising including yoga, running, cycling, lifting weights, and meditation, dietary options including fruits and vegetables, smoothies, and even vitamin supplements. What you consume, or choose not to, also have their effect and some of these icons present designs for what you choose to exclude from your diet such as junk food or for habits that you’re trying to quit like smoking.

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