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25 Free Database Vector Icons (AI)

Database Vector Icons

Data is a short 4-letter word, yet what it represents, although countable, holds so much more. Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative, it’s necessary for understanding old and new phenomena. And with a lot of changes coming our way, we can always prepare for new projects with our free icon set. Like all of our resources, this one comes with a personal and commercial license, so you can add the 25 database icons to your designs and re-purpose them with each new one.

Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and storing data are always on-going tasks that can lead to unprecedented information, and with such a heavy toil and little room for error, the least we can do is make the experience a little bit easier (and more fun) with this set, both for the designers who can easily manipulate and use the free vector icons and the users who interact and use apps, programs, and softwares that display these designs.

File Adobe Illustrator Personal & Commercial Use
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