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25 Art & Design Icons

Art & Design Icons

Art and design are among the most popular career options in the world. But no one can become an artist without having a passion for art and designing. Artists can make money in several ways, and the popularity of NFTs did turn many artists into millionaires. So if you ask yourself would you be able to make money from the arts, then yes, you definitely can do it. Though, if you are not into digital graphics, you can still be financially secure by selling your physical artworks. 

The Art and Design Icon Set portrays several tools you need to become an efficient artist. It has 25 icons showcasing different elements of design such as ruler, brush, eraser, dropper, color spray, portrait, etc. Although most artists are moving their artworks to digital space, classic artworks are still prevalent among loyal specific communities. Artists draw their emotions, thoughts, and ideas in the form of paintings. That’s why each artist is different in their designs. 

You can download and customize the line icon set (AI, EPS, PNG, SVG & PDF formats) for free. It is helpful for businesses selling art tools, portfolio websites for artists, or anyone promoting the art and designing.

Art & Design Icons 2

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