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20 Free Pets Vector Icons (AI)

Pets Vector Icons

With days filled with deadlines and meetings and nights filled with anxiety about them, millennials are in desperate need of companionship. Some find it fulfilled by peers, and others choose pets to substitute relationships with people. However, when a full time working individual thinks of adopting a pet, they have a million other things to factor in till they can finally decide on it. This is where technology can come to their rescue and make the process of owning a pet hassle-free!

A lot of pet care apps have cropped up recently allowing better caretaking of pets. From tracking your pet 24/7 to choosing what’s the best diet for them, there is a digital solution that helps you be the owner your little friend deserves without making a lot of sacrifices. And if you’re a designer who has a new solution in mind to help pets and their owners lead an easier, happier life, it’s time to bring those ideas to life with this set of 20 vector icons by Graphic Pear!

The collection has an icon for your pet – whether it is a dog, a cat or a chirpy bird. Along with the basic icons, there are also icons that represent their food, toys, medication and house. The icons come in a well-organized AI format file that allows quick and easy editing. A pet-related website, a smartphone application, food packaging or a form design for pet creche – whatever it is that you want to achieve with your design concept, this icon set will come handy!

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