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20 Free Office Vector Icons (AI)

Office Vector Icons

Have you ever experienced that stomach-knotting moment when your boss asks you to make a note of an important number and your pen ink fades, or a key client meeting starts in just five minutes and the stapler will no longer staple? These are the timely reminders of how indispensable stationery is. It might be something you never even think about until it’s not working or it’s missing, but you certainly notice it when you need it and it’s not there!

It’s exactly these office essentials that you cannot go a day without that this set of 20 vector icons brings to the table. Designed by Graphic Pear, the collection covers every office staple – from chairs and desks, to pins and pens. Every icon is fully editable and you can easily curate the collection that would be tailor-made for your design needs using Adobe Illustrator. These minimalistic line icons will serve not only designers working on enterprise websites and softwares, but also be a great asset if you’re up to designing website and mobile app concepts for furniture stores, stationery shops, collaboration and much more!

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