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20 Free Culture Vector Icons (AI)

Culture Vector Icons

Culture is what teaches us about our beliefs. It influences us daily: how we act, what we eat, and even what we wear. Knowing our culture is a way of knowing ourselves and what we believe in.

Whether you come from Japan or France, Thanksgiving is an American holiday that almost all families residing in the USA celebrate. This is the prime example of how culture isn’t just about where we come from, but something which is constantly added upon and thus layered in nature. And by knowing our own culture or cultures, we are better able to understand others. With the great amount of diversity, we are still able to accept and respect each other and our beliefs.

With the advent of globalization and how widely accessible traveling has become, people want to discover cultures, and the internet helps them with its various offerings in the form of websites, applications and what not. And for you to design these awesome interfaces and print designs that promote culture, we have these 20 culture icons by Graphic Pear, which cover almost all aspects of culture such as art, music, food, cinema, theatre and monuments.

These vector icons are easy to customize, and can be incorporated into your website, app and print design projects. Whether you’re creating an awesome poster or a digital platform that has cultural offerings to make, this icon will help you take the visual appeal and user experience of your designs to the next level!

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