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20 Free Child Vector Icons (AI)

Child Vector Icons

It takes a village to raise a child, and that generally translates to “it takes a lot of effort to raise one” but that doesn’t exclude all the stuff and gear that needs to be bought for them. And to present a couple of examples of these items, we’d like to share with you the child themed icons set from Graphic Pear.

With 2 options featuring the stars of the show, a little boy and girl, and 18 other Illustrator vector format icons, this new collection lets childhood fun take its simplest forms. From trains and robots to alphabet cubes and old calculators, you’ll find items that appeal to all tastes and that can be easily added to your creations. Introduce new parents to the journey that awaits and decorate your parenthood-related brochures with these icons or add them to your app or website designs.

Child Vector Icons 2

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