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20 Free Carpentry Badges (AI)

Carpentry Badges

In any construction site, from building homes to bridges, carpenters are required everywhere; they play an essential role in making up the structures and framework of the required project. Although carpenters’ main tasks are to cut, shape, and repair woods, be it indoor or outdoor, they play an immense role in making sure that they work so that the structure never comes down due to any reason.

This illustration shows badges created around woodwork,  carpenters, and their services in building homes, highways, bridges, etc. Carpenter services are required worldwide as they give a backbone to the structure and make sure it lasts for as long as it can. Suppose you are looking to start your own online wood furniture business. In that case, this (AI) pack of 12 customizable logo badges is for you, which can easily be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

Carpentry Badges 2

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