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20 Free Building Vector Icons (AI)

Building Vector Icons

With the growing demand for real estate and lesser spaces available for settlements due to rapid urbanization, compact buildings have replaced more spread-out establishments, explaining why we find most of our urban lives spent in one building or another. They house in them the places where we live, learn, eat, sleep, and work. Needless to say, their design greatly impacts us and shapes our personalities in the process – which is why no residential complex looks like a corporate tower, and no religious space is designed to look the same as a school.

Graphicpear brings to you a collection of 20 vector icons that depict the diversity in the designs of these different buildings, each with a personality and purpose of their own. The icons pay tribute to the most popular and iconic architectural trends of all times in building design and real estate. Free to download and easy to edit, all you have to do is open this file in Adobe Illustrator, get started and export the final icons in a format of your choice. The vector nature of the icons makes sure that you lose no quality in resizing or adjustments, and makes the collection a perfect choice to complement your urban illustrations as well as real estate design projects.

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