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20 Free Banking Vector Icons (AI)

Banking Vector Icons

If you live in a certain kind of urban area, you see it all the time: those new mixed-use buildings go up, and on the ground floor of practically every single one there’s a bank branch or two. And if you have ever thought to yourself, “Why are there so many bank branches opening in an era when all the young folk living in those buildings bank by phone?”, you’re not alone. And this is precisely the reason that most of the banks and financial institutions have gone digital. Not only that, a lot of digital solutions are now available to help you record expenses, live on a budget, save money, pay bills and do everything you could have ever thought of doing with your money.

Since it’s an era of digitization where a plethora of money-related digital solutions are designed and released, Graphic Pear has come up with a collection of 20 vector icons that illustrate different processes involving money, typically taken care of by services offered by banks. These icons have been made available in vector format so as to allow easy editing and customization, so you don’t end up wasting a ton of your time on them. With each icon exploring and imitating a different money-related concept or service, you can use this brilliant icon collection to design digital banking solutions, investment products, insurance services, credit apps and basically any and every possible money-related service you have ever envisioned.

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