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20 Free Avatar Vector Icons (AI)

Avatar Vector Icons

In a world that is increasingly digital, human connections are as likely to happen online as offline. Social apps play a crucial role in society’s evolving norms around identity, and one component of this is the imagery used to represent individual users on various platforms, generally known as avatars. In addition to social media, avatars are a staple in games and other virtual platforms. Avatars are often used to help people visually organize comment threads without having to keep track of an individual’s name, or to provide a placeholder identity for users who haven’t uploaded their own personal representation.

And while designing good avatars can seem unnecessarily complicated, there are some theories that suggest that more inclusive approaches to avatars in digital spaces can improve gender and race equity in the non-virtual world. Graphic Pear brings to you an all-inclusive way to approach this problem with a set of 20 avatar vector icons, which can serve as a great resource to allow variety in terms of choice of avatar on digital platforms, while at the same time not making you spend a lot of time on making this possible. The set aptly represents men and women from different walks of life, each in a different phase of life to maximize representation. Owing to the vector nature of these icons, they are extremely easy to edit, customized and resized to fit your interfaces. Use them freely in any projects that require a user account to be created – be it social media platforms, mobile applications, gaming platforms or discussion forums.

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