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20 Free Achievement Vector Icons (AI)

Achievement Vector Icons

Every year the Internet as well as the digital sellers brandish a new buzzword that takes the world by storm – so much so that everyone wants to get on board with it at once for how wildly effective it is. Right now, that’s gamification for you!

For the uninitiated, gamification is the application of the reward mechanisms used in games to non-game activities. Things like awarding points for completed activities that lead to achievement levels and badges and, frequently, virtual currencies for in-game trading of virtual goods. Initially adopted by e-learning platforms to increase engagement and encourage people to strive to learn more and more still, gamification has now found a place in every industry one can possibly fathom: from corporate portals and enterprise softwares, to apps people love to use daily such as Starbucks and Nike.

If you’ve been looking to work some gamification magic with your next website or mobile application, or introduce the concept in your next redesign sprint for your existing product, we have the perfect resource for you! Have a look at this 20 vector icon set by Graphic Pear, consisting of icons for different kinds of medals, trophies, milestones, and much more. They come in AI format and can be easily resized to fit into whatever designs you have in mind for your digital product. All the strokes of each of the icons are expandable and can be edited to your own thickness preference.

With an icon set that is a pandora box of digital reward and achievement icons, your digital as well as print designs can now truly embrace the hot trend that gamification is!

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